First the Hints


Once you've completed this task you get your special signed badge proclaiming how much of THINKER you are.

Hint 1:  Use applicable Maps.   The maps are found in the instructions.  Use them (instead of daddling with the viewer.  Its more fun and immersive).

Hint  2:  Borrow a flying machine, take a flight lesson and collect all your markers in the world (Brantley No. 3 Shaft ).  There are 10 to be found, BUT DON'T READ THEM YET.

Hint  3:  Take the hiking trek to the top of Rare Find Mountain and Enter the Portal to the Gallery.  Collect all your marker cards in the world (Brantley No. 3 Shaft).  Don't wait to find all cards in the Gallery.

*Closely "read" the marker cards (classic paintings) and make notes about what you see in those paintings.  What objects, the lighting, the mood, what you feel the painting is about?

Hint 4:  Now read the quotes.  If you looked closely at your cards and took notes, you will  likely match them fairly easily.  Some of the cards appear to match more than one quote; however, there are subtle common sense differences.  Be sure consider the differences.

Hint 5:  Match the ones you know are best matches, eliminate those from the more difficult matches and take your best shot at comparing the remaining quotes to cards.  Look for keywords in the quotes that you see in the cards.

Only after reducing all logic to a miniscule frazzle, go to the Spoiler Card.

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